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Excellent career growth

Mechatrends has a work culture where employees are treated as a member of the Corporate family. We train our people and provide the environment for them to develop and reach their full potential.

Employee Reviews

Virgilio “Daddy Boy” Torrado

Luzon Project Manager, 71

Being “youngest at heart” in the team, lots of hardship been experienced, but surpassed with grace through team work. No words can explain to tell-all what Mechatrends have gone through all these years. Our ever passionate Boss, Abelardo C. Papa have guided us to the winning path and continuously steered the wheel despite his age to the top! Working with Mechatrends had taught me so much lesson. The culture and work ethics practiced is I guess the secret, hence the established name in the industry that we are into.   Cheers!!!!

Fernando Damo, Jr.

1999 ~ present (20 years)

When I first joined Mechatrends in 1999, I never imagined or dreamed that I would still be here after 20 years. I remembered back then, all I only want is to have a job to be able to feed my family. Life was not easy for us. Mechatrends also struggled, but because of the leadership and determination of our President and General Manager we were able to overcome and survive all the hardships and trials and become triumphant! Mr. Papa was an inspiration. With-out his kindness, understanding and goodness to all of his employees, I think we will not reach where we are now. I would like to say thank you Sir Abelardo Papa for being a good boss, a friend, a mentor and for being the father to all of us. God bless and Long Live Mechatrends!!!

Michael Sydney Papa

Senior Mechanical Engineer

It’s been a huge privilege working with MECHATRENDS for the last 10 years. Since joining MECHATRENDS, I’ve learned so many new things: colleagues taught me about the industry and shared their knowledge with me. | will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person. The staffs at MECHATRENDS are like one big family, and that is what makes it such a special place to work. | believe that together we will continue to succeed, and contribute to the growth and development of the company. I treasure my association with MECHATRENDS and wish all the best for its continued growth and success in the days to come.